Thursday, December 29, 2016

The freak things in the blind dating with rich and common people

More and more single people think the blind dates as a chance to find the suitable man/woman whether lover or couple in china due to they are difficult to find ones from the daily social activities or they busy work and endless extra work. But a faithful friend is hard to find, the freak things often happened and still appearing, here are some freak thing when happened in the blind dating.

One: Mr.Wang is a rich married man who have two kids, but he addicted in a online games and fall in love with a unknown girl on the Internet. After one years later, Wang made an appointment with that girl to meet in the bar, then he found that the girl equal to his wife......

Two:Mr.Ma is a 29 years old single men and working in the bank, he's be arranged to blind date with a single woman, as the appointed time and place, Ma arrived in advance have the rich time but waiting the girl's coming for three hours, after the girl appeared and said she's did that on purpose made Ma felt angry and the one he waited is a troublemaker.

Three:Mr.Lieu felt so strange since the last weekend, he attend a blind dating in the last weekend, he felt dissatisfaction to the girl and said the truth, maybe he felt sorry to her, but the girl never mind it and introduced her friend to him......

Four:Mr.Li is a widowers over 4 years, his friend arranged a blind dating to him, he agreed. He felt the women he faced was so ugly that he want to blackmail her. so he reserved a western restaurant and ordered many expensive dishes such as the lobsters, goose livers and so on. He run away to avoid paid the bill through the windows of the restroom. After the girl called the police..................

It's just a little part of them, don't be scary if you want.
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